Episode 29

Published on:

18th Oct, 2020

Episode 27

Published on:

6th Sep, 2020

Episode 26

Published on:

23rd Aug, 2020

Episode 25

Published on:

16th Aug, 2020

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About the Podcast

The ForenPsych Files
Dr. N explores true crime from a forensic psychology perspective. Learn about the exciting field of forensic psychology and how it informs the legal system from the crime scene to the courtroom. New topics, stories, and terminology every week.
Dr. N dives into the captivating world of forensic psychology in a twist on true crime podcasts. Can you make a murderer? Can we trust expert witnesses? How are false memories made? How likely is it that you would confess to a crime you didn't commit? All these questions and so much more are discussed on the podcast. Weekly episodes will touch on different topics, stories, and empirically-based research that highlight forensic psychology's contribution to true crime and the legal system as a whole.